Disco suckers brand  can be thought  as a “tune” that emerged on Cariocas club dance floor and got stacked in your head, playing on a loop when you need to feel good, experience comfort and escape from anything that troubles you. A familiar sound emerging from the 70’s that holds up till now, that only you can hear but one that simultaneously encourages everyone around you to tune into. The unique experience of each individual magically uniting everyone to a collective whole, a nirvana state were everything is nice, people are fun and the vibes are positive.

Inspired by the fashion and styles taking place on the NYC and Chicago dance floors during the disco era, the house music scene of the 80’s, the street wear culture of break dancers, and Keith Haring’s graffiti design culture, Paradise garage, the box, street dancers, Voguers, LBGTQ+ community; the disco suckers brand reflects all those passionate collective attributes and aims to keep the pulse up uniting everyone under its groove.

A pure dance floor wear, club wear unisex clothing line, non-binary, challenging feminine and masculine lines, effortless so that every one of you can embrace their dancing queen persona and let themselves free. Disco suckers is your escape plan.

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